Fidel El Centro

Costa Rica

Fidel El Centro

Fidel El Centro

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Fidel El Centro is a family project. In 2013 they participated for the first time in the contest Cup of Excellence, where they won 1st place with Fidel farm.
In 2014 with their other farms they obtained 10th place. In 2015 they achieved the 7th position, 8th, and 22nd. In 2016, the positions 10th, 12th and 18th.
This farm was obtained in 2004. The former owner, an elderly man with delicate health, decided to sell it to Oldermar's family. His name was “Don Fidel Méndez”, hence the name of this representative small farm.
For a long time, the land was dedicated to cattle. Once they bought it, they started planting small portions of the farm with different varieties like Villa Sarchí, Bourbon, Gesha, Kenya, Pacamara, with the idea of continuously improving the quality of the coffee.
They produce and process the coffee from each microlot separately. They strive to provide the best nutrition to coffee plantations and they select the best coffee beans to achieve excellent qualities.
The water they use for wet milling process comes from one of the drinkable aquifers of these farms.

Flavour profile: Honey, Plum, Strawberry

Producer: Oldemar Arrfieta

Region: Naranjo, West Valley

Varietal: Caturra

Process: Red Honey

Altitude: 1600 masl