Who we are

We are a couple of long-time coffee heads and car fanatics from the heart of Wicklow.

We care about igniting passion in unassuming coffee drinkers. Our coffee journey has taken us around the world. We are so excited to have taken the plunge to go solo as a roastery after years of working in the industry.

How it started

We have been working in the coffee industry for close to 12 years. After deciding to travel to Central and South America, we were put in touch with a couple of coffee farmers who kindly hosted us  for several weeks in a small coffee farming town in Northern Nicaragua.

After visiting their seven farms and helping in the milling station, it was hard not to bring that passion and care home with us. The generosity expressed by the locals was remarkable and something we love to help cultivate within the Irish coffee community.

Our Coffee

At Never A Days Trouble, we want to utilise the knowledge, skills and experiences we have accumulated over the years to create something special and personal we believe will resonate with others.

The relationships we have developed with customers, the hospitality that has been shown to us, the community that is created within a coffee shop and most importantly the attention to detail that is required to produce an exceptional product is at the heart of everything we do and hope to achieve.